They Get Cactus Questions

Well, it’s more like a hummingbird question, in the Contra Costa Times.

Dear Gary:

I haven’t seen my morning hummingbird visitors for a few days.

They were going at a cactus flower outside my living room. I live in Redwood City in a flat area. I’d appreciate your response. Thank you.

Camilla Rosos,
Redwood City

Dear Camilla:

…They’ve probably moved to a warmer spot until the weather improves….

I’ve excerpted the response for you, so you can click through if you want to see the rest of it, but the gist of it is that it was cold. Cold. And then the hummingbirds left. Maybe they’ll return as it warms up, like yesterday. Did they return yesterday? I don’t kno9w. Someone should check with Camilla and find out.

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