Cactus and Succulents - Part Sun

Crassula “Pangolin”

A John trager hybrid, C. barklyi x (C. perfoliata var. minor x C. tecta)

Small stacked leaves, readily branches often laying down. Creamy white flowers.

Crassula brevifolia

Readily branching, very low growing sub-shrub. Leaves will get a red edge in full sun.

Crassula marginalis

C. pellucida v. marginalis

Cascading groundcover, more water in spring/summer

Crassula namaquensis

Dwarf sub-shrub with spiraling leaves. Low growing, small, thick fuzzy leaves. Lots of white-pink flowers in summer. Great for rock gardens.

Crassula orbicularis

Small rosettes stay low to the ground, will spread and can send out runners. Deep red flowers.

Crassula ovata “Enigma”

Grows squat with pointed leaves, peeling bark at maturity. Our original plant was brought in by a customer many years ago with unknown origins. Strongly resembles the C. ovata “Variegata” though this is not variegated!

Crassula picturata

C. exilis ssp. picturata

Spotted green leaves with red undersides. White flowers.

Crassula plegmatoides

C. arta

Small greyish columns of stacked rounded leaves with an almost felt-like soft appearance. Winter-growing, very low water.

Crassula spiralis

C. “Estagnol”

Small tight stacked leaves spiral as they grow outward. Green with a hint of golden red in sun.

Crassula tabularis

Stunning tightly-stacked leaves for a small-scale Pagoda plant. Bright red in full sun. White flowers.

Cremnosedum “Crocodile”

Cremnophila nutans x Sedum furfuraceum

Fat round leaves, dark green to brownish in full sun. Scaly stems appear when they grow taller.

Crossyne flava

Boophone flava
Winter growing bulb in the Amaryllis family. Yellow Flowers.

Cumulopuntia boliviana

In the Opuntioideae Subfamily, similar to some of the South American chollas, with glochids and easily separated elongate stem sections.