Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Cryptanthus “Ruby”

C. bivittatus “Ruby”

Beautiful red-striped terrestrial bromeliad, nearly flat, bright colors in light shade

Cycas revoluta

Slow growing with large green fronds. Easy to grow indoor or outdoor. Poisonous if ingested, including people and pets.


A genus of 52 orchids from sub-tropical Asia. Great houseplants.

Cynanchum insigne

Sarcostemma insigne

Pendant “stick” plant, minimal leaves. Striped flowers.

Cyphostemma elephantopus

Vining caudiciform will form huge 6ft caudex, underground in habitat. Vines can reach 20ft. Keep dry in winter.

Cyphostemma juttae

Giant caudex to 6ft w/thick branches at top, peeling bark. Deciduous in winter.


Cystorchis variegata

Small Jewel Orchid from Indonesia. Beautiful colorful leaves, stays small – great for terrariums! Terrestrial orchid that prefers warm temps and some humidity, not too much water- fast draining orchid soil.


A huge genus of epiphytic orchids from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Denmoza rhodacantha

Globose, 12″ x 4ft. Curved brown spines turn gray. Bright red tubular flowers.

Dioscorea mexicana

D. macrostachya

Slowly over decades develops a large caudex, covered in woody scales. Produces long deciduous vines, pendant bloom spikes.

Disocactus ramulosus

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

Jungle cactus; 18″ trailing stems, small pink/purple flowers

Dorstenia foetida

16″ stems w/smooth green leaves, green irregular flowers w/explosive seed pods

Dorstenia hildebrandtii

Rhizomatous caudiciform. Likes a bit more water than most succulents, can handle some humidity.

Drosanthemum “Rosea”

Delicate trailing stems with small paired green leaves. Rose-pink flowers throughout the summer. Not as hardy as other ice-plants.

Dudleya anomala

Tight clusters of green rosettes with slightly red tips in full sun. White flowers on long bloom stalks.