Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

C. falcata x C. mesembryanthemopsis with possible x C. ausiensis,  x C. tecta

Small hybrid with pink flowers, lays low to the ground.

Crassula “Pagoda”

C. perforata “Pagoda”

2ft w/variegated leaves crowned with small white flowers

Crassula “Sunset”

C. ovata “Sunset”

Shrubby, easy to grow. Green and yellow variegated leaves with bright pink edges. Protect from frost.

Crassula “Tom Thumb”

C. rupestris “Tom Thumb”
C. rupestris ssp. marnieriana x C. rupestris ssp. rupestris

Mini-shrub to 4″ with tiny thick leaves, white flower sprays.

Crassula biplanata

Small, shrubby, will get 12″ tall and will spread a few feet wide if given well-drained soils and a little room to grow. Will also grow in rock gardens and can be contained in fairly small areas. Tiny green leaves get silvery in full sun. Covered in small bright white flowers in mid to late summer. From Cape Province, South Africa.

Crassula conjuncta

6″ towers of tightly stacked triangular leaves. Red tips in full sun.

Crassula corymbulosa

Dense branches of tightly packed triangular leaves forming short pagoda-like  groups. Turns red in full sun.

Crassula cultrata

Spreading groundcover to 10″, Large leaves red in sun; yellow flowers

Crassula marginalis

C. pellucida v. marginalis

Cascading groundcover, more water in spring/summer

Crassula marginalis “Variegata”

C. pellucida ssp. marginalis “Variegata”

Low growing colorful succulent with lots of white-pink flowers in summer. Great for rock gardens and hanging baskets.