Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Haworthia mutica

Brownish-green leaves. Stemless, often solitary. 4″ diameter rosettes. Somewhat variable, or found in cultivation as hybrids.

Haworthia reinwardtii

Also Haworthiopsis reinwardtii

Narrow and upright spotted leaves with pointed tips. 1½” rosettes elongate to 6″ tall. Freely pups at base; shade tolerant. Readliy hybridizes.

Haworthia resendeana

Probably an Haworthia coarctata hybrid

1-1/2″rosettes elongate to 6″l.; pups at base; shade tolerant

Haworthia retusa

Slightly erect, clumping, stemless rosettes to 3″; Red in full sun

Haworthia sampaiana

H. coarctata var. sampaiana

Disputed variety of a readily hybridizing species. Leaves appear more triangular.

Haworthia tessellata

H. venosa ssp. tessellata

Thick variegated leaves with striking grid pattern; rosettes to 4″d.; light frost

Haworthia truncata

Fan-shaped, flat-topped, stemless; Barely above ground. Often found as hybrids.

Hoodia gordonii

Stems to 12″ tall, clumps of many spiny branches. Tan to Burgundy carrion flowers. Stems are eaten as an appetite suppressant by the San people of the Namib. Very low water.

Hoya bella

Thick waxy small green leaves on hanging vine

Hoya carnosa

Thick waxy leaves on a pendulous vine, pink wax flowers

Hoya collina

Vining succulent, yellow wax-flowers with red centers. Small round leaves with white splotches