Asplenium ebenoides

Evergreen Fern

Graceful green-stemmed fern. Bright shade preferred. Alpine shade rock gardens. Great as an easy to grow houseplant, works well in terrariums.

Bambusa textilis

Tightly clumped, non-invasive, graceful arches. Used in weaving and for timber, flute-making and fencing; edible shoots. Great for gardens, forming a tight grove in few years.

Bambusa tuldoides

Tightly clumped, non-invasive, hardy. Produces a large number of thick-walled culms.

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Bambusa “Alphonse Karr”

B. multiplex “Alphonse Karr”

Variable tropical bamboo, useful for screening. Elegant slender arching culms, yellow with irregular dark green striping. Can be grown indoors with extra care.

Borinda fungosa

Vertical arching bamboo with large leaves forms tight clumps of deep reddish/brown culms.

Borinda papyrifera

Fast growing clumping bamboo with new culms that are powdery baby-blue which slowly age to a mix of green and yellow. Upright shoots with medium leaves form nicley open clumps. Edible shoots. Afternoon shade inland.

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Chusquea culeou

Tightly clumped, does not spread. Edible shoots. Culms grow vertical, forming regularly spaced nodes with many equal-sized branches.

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Chusquea mimosa

Arcing culms, airy slumps of small leaves. Stems age to a shiny, vibrant red when grown in some sun.

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Fargesia robusta

New glossy green culms, as early as winter, mature to a rich yellowish green. Denser in full sun, yet happy in shade. Excellent for screens, hedges or wind barriers.

Himalayacalamus asper

Broadly arching branches dense with green leaves. Does well outdoors in coastal areas, including throughout the Bay Area. Greener in Shade, Bright Red culms in Full sun. Needs some shade in hotter climates.

Himalayacalamus falconeri v. damarapa

H. falconeri v. damarapa does well outdoors in coastal areas, including throughout the Bay Area. Random-colored striped culms – dark green, red and yellow. Masses of leaves are borne on long slender branchlets.

Himalayacalamus hookerianus

H. hookerianus has new green culms covered in waxy gray powder give a blue effect and mature to a yellowish orange, more purplish in more sun. Thrives in a semi-sheltered, wind-free environment.

Otatea acuminata

Masses of long narrow leaves densely cover the culms. Gently arcing clumper, sways in the breeze. Excellent in ornamental gardens without heavy irrigation, or in well-drained pots will grow to 6′ tall.

Phyllostachys nigra

Rich dense growth, edible shoots. Glossy black culms darken with age, used in fine crafts and furniture.

Good in planters, pots and garden. A Bay Area favorite.

Pseudosasa japonica

Erect culms with large leaves up to a foot long. Good for indoor or outdoor container gardening, and for use as a screen. The culms were used in ancient Japan to make arrows.

Semiarundinaria fastuosa

Very vertical, tall architectural form. Makes good borders. Stately culms fade to purple with age.

Withstands maritime exposure.

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