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I bought a Jatropha Interrigima from you last year and love it! It’s been quite healthy and happy, until I went away for Christmas. Could you please look at the attached info and let me know if there is anything I can do to help it recover?

Thank you!

While this kind of defoliation can be caused by the pest, Spider Mites, there would be tiny webs and near microscopic vampire spiders on the underside of the leaves… but if you don’t see any sign of that, it looks like the combination of temperature, light and perhaps water change sent it in to a winter leaf drop and dormancy. As long as there is new leaves developing it should come out of it as spring brings more light and warmth. Just don’t over water trying to perk it up, let it dry out and keep it on the schedule that it was happiest with you. The other thing to look at is now that it is winter is it getting blasted with forced air heating? That can really shock a plant when it gets turned on for the winter. The low strength fertilizer should help give it another dose in mid March.
Let me know if it isn’t responding and you can bring it by for us to take a closer look.
Take care,

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