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Hello guys… I just visited Morro Bay and found this Crested Euphorbia! It’s about 8 to 10” all around.  I also bought the little cactus which I believe is a Gymnocalycium (?) and the Pachypoduim lamerei.  I put the lil cactus outside and it has two really sweet flowers that are a salmon/pinky red color.  I’ve kept the other two inside…should I put them outside, too?  I gave them all a drink of water when they got home cuz they looked really dry – I’m thinking they like to be really dry?  Do you have any tips of what I should do to keep them alive?

Thanks, Karen


The new plants all look really nice and healthy. I would keep all three inside with lots of sun. It’s hard to judge by the photo, but it doesn’t look like they’re in cactus soil, so of course I recommend transplanting them into cactus soil, and terra cotta pots breathe better than plastic. You can water them all every 1-1/2 to 2 weeks through the summer, and a bit more often if you’re getting over 95F. The little guy is a Gymnocalycium.


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