New Cactus and Succulents for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


We are getting closer to winter these days, though you wouldn’t know it by the hot days and extended fire season and rolling blackouts – California!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, VOTE early! MAKE Calls. DONATE to your favorite candidates. You already know all this, since you are a dedicated reader of my emails, but my god it seems like forever. I’ve already voted and got my text from the department of elections that my ballot was received. If anyone asks, I’ll be taking some of the “good stuff” from Nov 2 thru at least the 4th, maybe longer. Shhhh. Please do not disturb.

STORE NEWS: Oh yeah, this is a store-based email newsletter so you should also be getting some of our store news: We are now opening at 10am! (Our Covid hours have been 11-5 Wed-Sun, and now 10-5 Wed-Sun). Earlier shoppers get all the best customer service and help from our socially distanced plant experts!

We’re not yet ready to be open 6 or 7 days, at this point we think it won’t be until spring. Stay safe!

MORE STORE NEWS: Coming soon – our Succulent Wreaths! Now? No, not now, soon. We’ll let you know! Given difficulties with our supply chains, we will have about half as many as we normally stock every winter, so we will not be shipping the wreaths out this year – we are keeping them all in store for you, our loyal local shoppers. And delivering them around the Bay Area – they will be available online for local delivery too.



We require masks in our stores and social distancing at all times. We are pretty strict! Please bear with us.

Cheryl M. on Yelp:
“Offering contactless pickup, local delivery and taking safety guidelines seriously without comprising customer service! Walked in, quickly welcomed and mentioned if we needed any assistance to let them know…staff wearing masks and adhering to the 6ft social distance”


Our online store is here. We are delivering plants, gifts, soils, pots.

More items are being added to the website all the time. Even today? No, not today, I am busy writing this email, but I added nearly 80 new items earlier this week. Yay!

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Current Hours: Open Wed-Sun 10-5



Cute little Copiapoa hypogaea v. barquitensis are hiding under the yellow flower, trust me! The flowers do not just pop out of the ground, there’s a real cactus under there.

Agave montana are not from the mountains of Montana, they are from the mountains of northern Mexico! Who knew that montana could have more than one meaning? These are pretty vigorous terminal spines you are seeing – not photoshopped! Real!

Aloe glauca “Namaqualand” is a compact bluish thick-leaved aloe from the arid flatlands of Namaqualand in South Africa. Flatlands! Did you know that Montana has mountains in one part and flatlands in another part? Check your maps, I prefer the AAA highway maps myself.

Echeveria “Maria” is one of the softer of the agavoides hybrids. There are many, and many can be hard to tell apart. We have to be careful to keep our “Maria” crops separate from our “Christmas” crops since they are otherwise identical but for the name. But some people prefer their references in botanical names to be holiday based whereas others prefer the personal names better. Now you get to choose!

Dionaea “King Henry” is the largest traps of the Venus Fly Traps group. We have smaller ones and redder ones too. But this one here is harder to find, so we bring it to you direct and cut out the middle man!

Huernia kennedyana are always very popular, this is a good crop but we don’t expect them to last long in the stores. Last crop was kind of crappy looking, unlike this beautiful crop!, and they didn’t last long, so plan accordingly.

Some people like the warty aloes, others are indifferent. But if you are a collector of warty aloes, do we have a beautiful warty aloe for you! Aloe distans.

Crassula “Chiquito” is the smallest of the Crassula radicans hybrids. The leaves will stay about 1/2 inch long but they will get bright red pretty quickly in the full sun. You are looking at an individual that was in the middle of the shelf so getting less sun. Which is fine too! Green is good.

Echeveria setosa is the original fuzzy echeveria that many of the hybrids are hybridized from. It has a calming influence on your other garden plants, so I recommend planting them throughout. Then you will have a calm garden! Experience is the key to knowing these things.

Haworthia coarctata is not just the original of many hybrids too so much as that most of the similar Haworthias (moved into Haworthiopsis by some) are hybrids and the botanists think that only coarctata of this group is a true species. But then this one in the photo looks like a hybrid anyway. Good luck figuring it out!

On the other hand, the window-leafed Haworthias, like this one, are all still Haworthias. Haworthia mutica is also a very variable plant anyway. But this crop of ours is fine. They are gorgeous. People like them. I sing their praises!

Now we take a break from these botanical controversies for a few lovely cactus. For you, the Mammillarias!

Mammillaria celsiana

Mammillaria compressa

Mammillaria pringlei

Mammillaria yucatanensis

Those were nice! Everyone likes a nice Mammillaria, even your cousin Greg who doesn’t normally like cactus. (Don’t tell Aunt Esther but Greg makes me nervous, he’s a little bit edgy, if you know what I mean.)

Sedum “Aurora” are the pastel shaded Jelly Beans. They will trail down in long strands of jelly bean strings of strands of beans and jellies. Mmmmm jellies.

Agave “Porcupine” is a nicely dense cultivar of Agave victoria-reginae. It has the best shape ever, and you can tell from these plants that getting the leaves tighter together is a valuable way to spend your propagation efforts.


On the other hand, strong variegation is the classic way to make money off plants. For instance, I give you Agave “White Rhino”, another victoria-reginae cultivar. I can tell you for a fact that this is good.



Indoor cache pots? We have them. This pair of “Stagma” pots have a pattern of deep lines and they come to us from Chive which is a Canadian company.

Or maybe you prefer small white cylinder pots? Like these? Also from Chive. Still a Canadian company.

Handmade pots? We have them. These are from Maggy Ames Pottery. We’ve carried them for a few years now, and we have a new fresh batch for you. They come in 3.5″ flower pots, and they also come in 5″ flower pots!

I’ve put our full line of Down to Earth Mini Boxes of fertilizers on the website. That’s fun!

Acid Mix, Alfalfa Meal, All Purpose, Azomite, Citrus Mix, Fish Bone Meal, Humic Acids, Kelp Meal, Oyster Shell, Rose and Flower, Starter Mix, and Vegetable Garden

Do you prefer Foxfarm products? We have them

All our online fertilizers and soils are here.

Now for toys! We have toys, and we are delivering them right to your local home, right here right now.

New Series 5 Mermicornos from Tokidoki

Just in time for Halloween are the After Dark series of Unicorno

Now you can have fun.