Green Roof, Monterey

Monterey is a nice place. They no longer have the stink of the famous fish canneries, so it’s a good place to visit on a warm weekend afternoon.

And now they have a community green roof project too. Good for them.

Carmel Middle School’s new green building received a green addition last week: a living roof.

After five weeks of planning, workers planted more than 600 bushes, succulents, flowers and grasses of 42 species on the soil-covered roof of the green building next to Carmel Middle School on Wednesday morning. The roof was specially constructed to support 6 inches of soil, vegetation and a special system to recycle rainwater to irrigate the plants….

It joins an organic garden, an outdoor kitchen, demonstration gardens and greenhouses, an amphitheater for ornithology, and owl boxes….

Most of the plants on the new roof are habitat plants, chosen to feed and house insects and birds. (VERN FISHER/The Herald)

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