PodArt – An Exhibition by Natalia Szidon

Extended thru Dec. 24, 2018
Cactus Jungle, Marin
130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo

“The ‘pod’ represents both the end and the beginning of the growing cycle and the inspiration for my work. PodArt evolved naturally from my life-long love affair with plants, flowers and custom jewelry. Working with an array of shapes and textures like seeds and nuts, twigs and feathers, lichen and moss, beads and glass, I create natural, multi-dimensional collages. Although most of the elements in my work come straight from nature, I like to adorn them with unexpected touches. At some level, PodArt is the culmination of my love for gardening and my life experiences in floral, interior and jewelry design.”  Natalia Szidon