Debra Lee Baldwin Answers All Your Questions

…on Gardening Gone Wild, and on her own blog too.

Q: Where might I purchase some of the Guatemalan folk art buildings you used in your containers book (p 196)?

A: The little terracotta buildings are from Miranda’s, a Mexican import store in the Old Town district of San Diego (2548 Congress St.). Unfortunately, they don’t sell mail order, nor do they keep a consistent supply in stock.

Well that’s not helpful to those of us who don’t live near San Diego. But wait! There’s more!

But any dollhouse-sized building will work, so long as it’s waterproof—like this little New England-style church that was originally a Christmas ornament. There are all sorts of wonderful tiny accessories for miniature landscapes.

I can tell you that most of the cutesy ornaments at the local craft stores around here are not waterproof. So be wary.

Two Green Thumbs is one mail order source

That’s just darling...

Thanks Debra!

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