Cute Plant Question? Answer: More Sun

for my birthday, i was given this beautiful little cactus plant. it had no tag or name on it so i did some research and i think it’s an echevarria or a sempervivum. it’s starting to grow a pink line on the leaf edges. I’ve been trying to care for it as such (little water, good drainage system, in light) and it’s lower leaves seem to be wilting away. i think there’s a little plant sprouting from the main stem and the most top buds seem to be pretty firm, but the leaves below are literally limp and feel like they will fall off in a week or so. i dont know what to do! i’m scared it’s going to die.

attached are two pictures. it looks healthier in these photos than it does now.

any ideas on what i can do to save this little guy?

You have an Echeveria, probably E. subsessilis. It should look like this.

It looks basically OK, but probably needs more light, which is why its growing upwards looking for light.

All succulents lose bottom leaves, and yours will do so soon; this is normal and not a problem. It will only look unusual because of the stem that has developed.

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