Small Succulent

Crassula “Chiquito”

Common Name: Dwarf Red Carpet

Origin: South Africa

C. radicans “Chiquito”

Spreading groundcover to 6″ high, small ½” paired leaves turn red in sun; tiny yellow flowers

Million Hearts

Tiny little pinkish-white flowers appear all along the vines of this epiphitic jungle succulent.

Dischidia ruscifolia
Common Name: Million Hearts
Origin: Philippines

Vining epiphyte; good for hanging baskets, or terrariums.

Hardy to 40F
Part Sun
Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend
Low Water

Euphorbia squarrosa

Coming soon!

Euphorbia squarrosa

Origin: South Africa
Description: Green spiny branches atop an irregular caudex which is underground in habitat. Green inflorescence with yellow and red centers.

Temperature: Hardy to 32F
Sun: Full Sun to Part Sun
Soil: Extra Chunky
Water: Low Water

Pterocactus tuberosus 

Ben’s weird caudiciform opuntioid is blooming!

Pterocactus tuberosus 

Thanks for sharing, Ben!

Hopefully we’ll have some available by fall. We can all hope. 


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