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The Future is Cactus

According to We’ll All Be Eating Cactus in the Future Thanks to Climate Change by Katie Valentine …the prickly pear cactus, a humble plant that, according to a new book co-published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, can serve as a lifesaving crop for many countries… “It’s actually a fairly amazing crop… Read more »

We Get Sick Cactus Questions

hey there…. i was wonder if you could help me with my cactus…. we had mealie mites and i used a insecticidal soap. then this started to happened and fast. could it be corking? i don’t think its root rot. i dealt with that before. is there something we can do to save it? Could… Read more »

Cactus Cupcakes 

Are you wondering why no nobody in New York has offered a holiday cupcake party with a cactus and succulent theme? Cupcake Decorating Workshop by The Sill has you covered, if you are available and in New York next Tuesday only. Nice! I wonder if they teach you how to make delicious cupcakes, or just how to… Read more »

Berkeley Succulents in Full Bloom

Aloe arborescens in full bloom 7th St., Berkeley Oh, those winter blooming South African Aloes! They do come and bloom at an auspicious time of the year.

Big Blue Succulent Leaves

That’s an Echeveria “Blue Dude” right there! It’s an older style hybrid, so you know it’s back in fashion now. Hurry before it cycles back out.

Succulent Wreaths

Succulent Wreaths, now at your local friendly Cactus Jungle, Berkeley

Tiny Flowers

Those are some very small, tiny, Crassula perforata flowers. So small that in person they just look like dead flowers. But no, up close they are alive. ALIVE!

Road Kill Cactus

Consolea rubescens is the flat cactus known as the Road Kill Cactus … Because it’s flat! 😍 👏 🐝 🦋

Interesting Framing

Aloe ferox at the Cactus Jungle on a sunny day. It’s all good. Common Name: Cape Aloe Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft. Hardy to 20-25F Full Sun to Part Sun

Black Rose

Aeonium “Schwartzkopf” is a classic, selling well at the nursery every year, forever. It is beautiful, it is tall and lanky, it is a large rosette this time of year as winter moves in. Nice!

Saturday Morning Succulents

What’s the best succulent for a Saturday morning? Some might say a Euphorbia anoplia is appropriate for a Saturday morning.

Small Succulent

Crassula “Chiquito” Common Name: Dwarf Red Carpet Origin: South Africa Description: C. radicans “Chiquito” Spreading groundcover to 6″ high, small ½” paired leaves turn red in sun; tiny yellow flowers


Pachycereus pringlei Common Name: Cardón Origin: Baja California Description: Tall and spiny to 40ft. with 2ft. trunk, slow growing. Edible fruit, medicinal stems. Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Los Altos Euphorbias

We recently delivered a giant 9ft tall Euphorbia “Ammak” down all the way to Los Altos. At least we thought it was giant. It sure looked giant in our store greenhouse! But as you can see it is the small Euphorbia there! They’ve been growing them for many years and the new one looks tiny!… Read more »

Gorgeous Tiny Stapeliad Flowers

Cynanchum marnierianum Amazing little flower, but look there’s 8 more buds too! The plant itself is all hanging bare stems. Practically a “stick plant” I’d you ask me.

Prickly Pear Pests

Hi- I got this guy from you a couple months ago. I’m worried it has developed a fungus. What do you think those dots are? Thanks! Stephanie Stephanie, That is Scale, a small hard-shelled insect that sucks the juices out of cactus. We recommend spraying with natural pyrethrins. We sell Don’t Bug Me which will… Read more »

Berkeley Yucca Garden

Heinz Street, Berkeley A nicely blooming Yucca in the Aquatic Park Gardens with a beautiful red Leucadendron in front. Sweet!

Star Cactus

Ariocarpus fissuratus vibrantly blooming in autumn. Common Name: Star Rock, Chaute Origin: Big Bend, Texas; Mexico Description: Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms; keep dry in winter Hardy to 25F Full Sun Extra Chunky Cactus Soil Low Water

Umbrella Flower

Ceropegia sandersonii has giant umbrealla, or parachute-like flowers! Very unusual vining Stapeliad. Common Name: Parachute Plant, Umbrella Flower Origin: Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland Description: Vining Stapeliad with massive unusual parachute-like flowers. Characteristics: Hardy to 45F Part Sun Low Water

Blooming Cactus Flowers

Beautiful Ariocarpus retusus flowers! Ariocarpus retusus Common Name: Living Rock Cactus, Seven Stars, Chaute Origin: Mexico Description: Highly variable, possibly through hybridizing. Slow-growing to 10″d; hairy center; summer blooms. Keep dry in winter Temperature: Hardy to 15F

Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

People ask if we have Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” available and for a number of years we’ve had to say “no”. Until now. We finally have a real crop ready, to size and on the floor and ready for sale. Nice! Hopefully we will be able to keep these growing on for years to come so… Read more »

Los Angeles Area Cactus Show 

Were you wondering what to do next weekend? Are you going to be in Encino next weekend? You are in luck! If your garden yearns for crazy, colorful, drought-hearty plants, the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society aims to satisfy at its first Fall Sale Sept. 16 in Encino. A variety of cacti and succulents are… Read more »


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