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Black Spined Agave

Agave “Pablo’s Choice” has a certain fresh blue leaf color. A. macroacantha “Pablo’s Choice” 1 to 2ft. blue-grey Agave, compact and low. Large black terminal spines, recurved marginal spines. Full sun at the coast. Will form dense clusters that can spread 3 to 5 feet wide. Cultivar originated near Santa Barbara. Plant in fast-draining soil,… Read more »

We Get Questions

Hello I found your website/blog while searching images of plants in an attempt to identify mine (pics attached). I acquired this about a year ago when the yoga studio it was living in was closing. The owner told me she had it for several years but, prior to that, it was owned for a number… Read more »

Desert Milkweed

Asclepias subulata It’s a Milkweed pod, because of course we have milkweed pods. Soon to be milkweed seeds, ie Milkweed, everywhere. Asclepias subulata Desert Milkweed

Panda Plant Questions

Hey guys, I’d absolutely love to pick your brain about this monster I’ve created. A couple years back I received a leaf from what I feel is clearly a panda plant, Kalanchoe tomentosa. It rooted fine, but then what grew out of the leaf was…something strange. It’s just a whole bunch of sad fuzzy leaves… Read more »

Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox South Africa Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft. Hardy to 20-25F Full Sun to Part Sun Low Water


Echeveria “Lola” Mexico Pointy, shapely leaves. Waxy 6″ rosettes rosy-purple tinged in full sun. Hardy to 25F Full Sun to Part Sun Low Water

Christmas Cactus

It’s Christmas Cactus season! Schlumbergera hybrids have the best flowers. Christmas Cactus will bloom for up to 2 months in the winter. A jungle cactus that grows in trees – needs bright indirect sun, or dappled light Tips to get your Christmas Cactus to re-bloom every year: 1. August, September and into October: Use bloom… Read more »

Cactus Jungle, Marin

Cactus Jungle Marin is ready for you and all your holiday shopping needs. Wreaths! Gifts! Plants! Pots! Handmade thingies!


Euphorbia aureoviridiflora with wide spreading leaves, thick green succulent leaves. Madagascar Stocky trunk, green turning grey-brown with age. Prominent leaf scars. Freely branching. Yellow-green bracts. Rocky soils. Possibly hardy to 35F Part Sun to Part Shade

Whiskey Whippet

Friday Whippet Blogging is back and just in time for Whiskey the Whippet’s big National Dog Show win!

Wreaths with Succulents

Succulent Wreaths! In stock now at our 2 local California stores or buy online too at Sweet!

Blood Lily

Blooming Scadoxus multiflorus – it is the amazing winter growing bulb known as the Blood Lily so it must be good. Fancy!

Pincushion Cactus

Mammillaria crinita has great color, lots of spines, very cute! Native to Mexico, it grows on volcanic rock. Ouch. But then there are yellow flowers…


Our first Paperwhite Narcissus flowers have opened! At our Marin store!


Our PodArt Art Show, by Natalia Szidon, has been extended thru the end of the year! Here’s the original postcard, but you can ignore the end date – it’s been extended!

Art Show Opening

Hand turned wood bowls from local artist Mike Newlin, Nov. 16 – Dec. 24, 2018 at our Marin store in San Anselmo. Opening night party is Friday 11/16 4p-6:30p Delayed! Due to smoke in the Bay Area the Opening Night Party has been rescheduled to: Friday Nov 30, 4-6:30p Fun and snacks and drinks and… Read more »

Identifying Cactus

Hello, I found your blog online and it had been very helpful to me. I am really grateful that you answer questions from people that are not your customers, as well! I recently got a pot with three small cactuses in it and am having trouble identifying them. I have attached a few photos. For… Read more »

More Blooming Cacti

A late blooming Echinopsis grandiflora hybrid that we like to call “Tropical Pink”. Nice!

European Euphorbia Questions

HiYa, Greetings from Germany. We are looking for an expert advice and hope you might be able to help. Our Euphorbia has on the bottom of the main stem a blackish discoloration. It is not soft or in anyway different texture from the rest of the cacti 🌵. We just worried it is some kind… Read more »

Glued Rocks and Rescuing Plants

I have had euphoria lacteafor almost 9months. It has glued rocks to support and has no hole in bottom of pot. Should I transplant it to another withhold and if so, how to do it? No change or growth in 9 months. Thank you for information you can provide! Norma Pensacola, Florida Norma, If it… Read more »

Cacti in the UK

Hello I’m hoping you could give me some advice, I live in the UK and bought an Echinocactus grusonii a few months ago. The guy told me to water once a fortnight and add Baby Bio plant foot or tomato feed in each alternate. The first few times I watered it it was fine but… Read more »

Cactus Jungle, Marin Grand Opening

We are having our Grand Opening for our new Marin store in San Anselmo, CA all weekend long! Cactus Jungle, Marin 130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd San Anselmo, CA 94960 415 870-9930 March 16-18 San Anselmo Grand Opening Schedule of Events: Open 10a-5p March 16 – 30 Berkeley and San Anselmo • 30% OFF Pottery… Read more »

Marin Store Opening

Cactus Jungle, Marin – Opening tomorrow! Friday, Feb. 16 130 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard San Anselmo, CA 94960

Green Spaghetti Plant

Cynanchum insigne Common Name: Green Spaghetti Plant Origin: Madagascar Pendant “stick” plant, minimal leaves. Striped flowers. No Frost Part Shade Low Water

Cactus Jungle, Marin

Opening day is getting closer! Plants are moving in, so that means… February 16 is…. This Friday! 130 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard San Anselmo, CA 94960


Leucadendron “Jester” Sunshine Conebush Origin: South Africa L. salignum “Jester” Evergreen Shrub Dense, vigorous growing shrub with strongly, brightly, visibly variegated leaves. Red bracts are great for arrangements. Good for coastal gardens. Temperature: Hardy to 25°F Sun: Full Sun Water: Low

Gumby Plant

Glottiphyllum longum South Africa Stemless, clumping, flattened rosettes. Yellow flowers Part Sun Extra Chunky Soil Keep dry, water sparingly

Yellow Torch

Aloe “Yellow Torch” A. arborescens “Yellow Torch” Winter growing/blooming shrub, 4ft. in Bay Area Hardy to 20F Full Sun to Part Shade


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