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Titanopsis calcareum is the knobbly little mesemb with the big dreams. They dream of living their best life in the city on a sunny windowsill in a small apartment where they can get the best care from you that your limited attention can give them. And nothing more! It’s enough!  

Aloes in Bloom

Aloe striatas in full bloom in San Rafael at the Loch Lomond Harbor turnaround.  

Not Looking Good

Hello, I noticed my cactus browning. It looks like it’s rotting. Please see picture below. Is it something serious? What should I do? Thanks, Sophiya It’s hard for me to know what happened, but it looks like it might be a virus. Whatever it is, it has encircled the cactus which means it is not… Read more »

Sunrise Pincushion

Leucospermum “Sunrise” South Africa Evergreen Shrub Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers of salmon, yellow, orange, and red. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums. Hardy to 25-30F Full to Part Sun Low Water 5-6ft

New Cactus Cutting Issues

Peter, Thanks for replying in response to my email request. The subject cactus, which I was told by its owner Tyler is Trichocereus pacnoi monstrose. It has this callous on the cut end but it also has some yellowish spotting that I am concerned may be a virus. Tyler bought this specimen, along with a… Read more »

Cactus in the Wet Winter Years

Good day – I have purchased things from you over the years & need a little help. Please see in the attached photo our fallen Eve’s Pin (I think that is what it is??) that we have had for years & is huge! The soil was too wet with all this rain & It just… Read more »

Portuguese Squill

Scilla peruviana is busting out in blooms all over. Giant Scilla Mediterranean Deciduous Bulb Summer dormant bulb in the Hyacinth family, in fall develops a compact rosette of 18″ long leaves. In spring, forms 6″-12″ tall flower stalks densely topped with numerous small lavendar flowers. Temperature: Hardy to 10F Sun: Full Sun

Dry Shade Lenten Rose

Gorgeous winter flowers, shade tolerant! Dry in summer! Hellebores are the best. Helleborus “Sparkling Diamond” Lenten Rose Eurasian Hybrid Evergreen Perennial Great for dry shade. Long-lasting sparkling white flowers with green centers. Deer resistant. Hardy to below 0F Part Shade to Shade Water Moderate; Drought Tolerant 1ft

California Lilac

The Ceanothus are blooming – nice regular winter rains, not too cold. California Lilacs for Everyone! Ceanothus “Cynthia Postan” California Lilac California Evergreen Shrub Small glossy dark green leaves and medium blue flowers sweetly scented in spring. Slow growing. Handles clay soils. Hardy to 10F Full Sun 6-8 ft.


From Poorly Drawn Lines comes this god-like summation of the truth about houseplants.

Caudiciform Spurge

Fancy bloom there in the fork of the leaves! Euphorbia trichadenia is South African. Caudex, branches, blooms in the fork of the leaves. Nice!

Buddha’s Stacked Succulents

We’ve been growing some beautiful specimens of Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” are ready. We’ll keep growing these slow-growing succulents until we have a giant specimen, large enough to form the pillars of a doll-house sized temple. That’s big! I think. I’ve never seen a doll-house sized temple so I’m not really sure.

Albuca spiralis

A new crop of Albuca spiralis coming ready! Spiraling corkscrew leaves for everyone!


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