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Orchid Cactus

A new Epiphyllum flower color! Peach… Orange… Peach… Orange… Nice.

Opuntia engelmanii

Common Name: Cactus Apple Origin: From California to Louisiana; Mexico Shrubby, sprawling to 10ft., yellow to apricot blooms, edible fruit Hardy to 15F Full Sun to Part Sun Low Water

Echinopsis grandiflora hybrids

Yow the hybrids have gone bonkers. This Echinopsis hybrid is “Tropical Pink”, everyone’s favorite giant cactus flower that we have been growing and cultivating and growing more of for decades. So nice.

Gasteria batesiana

Weird flowers, kind of bulbous, on your friendly local Gasterias. Fun!

String of Dolphins

Also known as Dolphins Necklace. It’s a cute little trailing succulent that is all the rage all of a sudden. First it was hot in Japan and now it is hot in the US too. I blame Instagram. We’ve posted it on instagram too, of course, because of course. Senecio peregrinus String of Dolphins SW… Read more »


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