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Aloes in Bloom

Aloe striatas in full bloom in San Rafael at the Loch Lomond Harbor turnaround.  

Not Looking Good

Hello, I noticed my cactus browning. It looks like it’s rotting. Please see picture below. Is it something serious? What should I do? Thanks, Sophiya It’s hard for me to know what happened, but it looks like it might be a virus. Whatever it is, it has encircled the cactus which means it is not… Read more »

Sunrise Pincushion

Leucospermum “Sunrise” South Africa Evergreen Shrub Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers of salmon, yellow, orange, and red. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums. Hardy to 25-30F Full to Part Sun Low Water 5-6ft

New Cactus Cutting Issues

Peter, Thanks for replying in response to my email request. The subject cactus, which I was told by its owner Tyler is Trichocereus pacnoi monstrose. It has this callous on the cut end but it also has some yellowish spotting that I am concerned may be a virus. Tyler bought this specimen, along with a… Read more »

Cactus in the Wet Winter Years

Good day – I have purchased things from you over the years & need a little help. Please see in the attached photo our fallen Eve’s Pin (I think that is what it is??) that we have had for years & is huge! The soil was too wet with all this rain & It just… Read more »


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