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  • Aeonium undulatum ssp. pseudotabuliforme

    Mostly flat broad rosettes, wide, rounded green leaves

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  • Echinopsis pachanoi fa. monstrose

    (San Pedro)

    Large high-altitude cactus with lumpy ribs.

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  • Echinopsis eyriesii hybrid “Peach”

    (Easter Lily Cactus)

    Solitary or occasional clusters, to 12″ tall. Long-necked peach flowers rise high above the stems.

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  • Mangave “Moonglow”

    Manfreda x Agave

    Soft silvery-blue-green and purple spotted leaves. Rosettes to 18″ wide.

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  • Echeveria lilacina

    (Ghost Hens and Chicks)

    Small purplish rosettes to 6″. Slow growing, tight symmetrical rosettes. Red flowers in spring.

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  • Opuntia ellisiana

    (Prickly Pear, Tiger Tongue)

    Big round pads, purple-edged in full sun. Large edible reddish purple fruit.

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  • Osteospermum “Astra Purple Spoon”

    (Spoon Flower)

    Evergreen perennial

    Purple spoon flower daisy blooms are attractive to butterflies. Great for cut flowers. Blooms spring through fall.

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  • Peperomia axillaris

    Windowed leaf edges. Small shrubs to 10″ tall, bright green, compact. Good air-circulation.

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  • Euphorbia polygona

    (African Milk Barrel)

    6″ diameter stems can grow 1 to 2 ft. tall. Forms clumps from the base.

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  • Agave parryi v. truncata

    (Mezcal Agave)

    3ft., broadleafed w/thick marginal spines. Red spines on young leaves turn black with age.

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  • Euphorbia capmanambatoensis

    Grows on the rocky shores of Madagascar. Branchy, deciduous shrub.

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  • Drosera “Dork’s Pink”

    D. callistos x D. lasiantha

    Mounds of pink traps and pale pink flowers.

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European Euphorbia Questions

HiYa, Greetings from Germany. We are looking for an expert advice and hope you might be able to help. Our Euphorbia has on the bottom of the main stem a blackish discoloration. It is not soft or in anyway different texture from the rest of the cacti 🌵. We just worried it is some kind… Read more »

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Glued Rocks and Rescuing Plants

I have had euphoria lacteafor almost 9months. It has glued rocks to support and has no hole in bottom of pot. Should I transplant it to another withhold and if so, how to do it? No change or growth in 9 months. Thank you for information you can provide! Norma Pensacola, Florida Norma, If it… Read more »

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Cacti in the UK

Hello I’m hoping you could give me some advice, I live in the UK and bought an Echinocactus grusonii a few months ago. The guy told me to water once a fortnight and add Baby Bio plant foot or tomato feed in each alternate. The first few times I watered it it was fine but… Read more »

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